Pip’s Favorite Things!

Pip’s Favorite Things!

A lot of you have been asking what harness we use, what leash, what Pip likes etc… So here is a list of all Pip’s favorite things so you can buy them for your furry friend too! You can buy any of these items from Amazon, just by clicking on the link or photo!

Pip’s Everyday Adventure Items

Pip’s New Book Bag


Pip is going to start making appearances at local city events and attempt to start training to be a therapy cat so that he can visit nursing homes or other places that may benefit from his love. For when we need Pip to be safe, but seen, we’ve got this new book bag! Currently $58.98 on Amazon [Prime]. 


Beach Book Bag


This is the book bag we use when headed outside, especially to the beach. It’s super affordable, very comfortable to wear, and it would be easy to throw into the washer and clean! I don’t worry about this one getting dirty, so it’s full of sand! When Pip gets tired we can lay it flat on the ground, and he climbs right in to take a nap. Currently $22.99 on Amazon [Prime]. 





Pip’s Life Jacket


Pip has the extra-small size! And this is perfect because it keeps him safe, but also features a handle if you need to pick your little guy up quickly out of the water! Currently $20.99 on Amazon.



When we first started taking Pip out, we used a traditional cat harness and leash. As you’ll see below, we eventually replaced the leash that came with our harness so that Pip would be able to go further on his own and have a little more freedom.  Currently $9.99 on Amazon [Prime].



While we still like to use the “cat” leashes that go with our harnesses when we take Pip out into the water, this retractable leash works much better for any other occasion (meaning all the time, unless he is getting wet!). Not only does this leash let him go further, but we can also lock it if we need to keep him close. Sometimes we use it as a retractable leash, but sometimes we just take it all out and lock it, so he has a 26ft. long cord he can pull around with him.

Retractable Leash for Water


If you see a picture of Pip with his red leash, this is it. While it doesn’t give him a full 26ft. of mobility, it does give him at least a little more than the leashes that came with his harness. This is what we first used when we realized Pip wanted to play outside more and more. And we’ll always hook this on him if he’s going to go swimming, because his full retractable leash cannot get submerged in water like this one can!


Pip’s Favorite Toys…

Butterfly Wand


Pip loves to play, and nothing makes him play harder than when he chases his little butterfly toy around. We attach his little wired butterfly to the end of a wand and play with him forever! This version is made by the same company that makes Da Bird. Currently $7.17 on Amazon [Prime].


Screen Shot 2018-11-14 at 10.05.14 AM

This toy has been Pip’s favorite for a long time. Full disclosure, we had trouble with the string getting stuck inside the machine, so we tied three knots throughout the string and now it never gets stuck. But maybe the model we got is old and they’ve fixed that problem. Either way, what’s great about this toy is that we turn it on and it entertains him forever without us having to do anything. It’s great for when we are trying to do something and need to keep the little guy occupied!



Pip loves treats…

…but when we buy him anything wrapped in a foil or plastic bag, he tears right through it and eats them all! So we buy Temptations Treats in these re-sealable containers. When you shake it, it makes a nice noise, so it’s been great for training purposes, and since it seals tight with just a click of the lid, we’ve been able to keep them hidden in the kitchen cabinet without even the slightest cat food smell!

Screen Shot 2018-11-14 at 9.26.53 AM

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  1. Jane Savage says:

    I so enjoy Pip’s great adventures. I just adopted a cat that looks very much like Pip, my little boy is very cross-eyed but seems to see Ok. I couldn’t live him anymore than I already do!!!

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