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If you haven’t heard already I’m writing a children’s book! There’s going to be a cartoon version of me! WOW!


But I’m also working on lots of other cool stuff, like stickers, t-shirts, cups, and more!  If you want to be notified of all my product launches, and planned events, join my e-mail list. I solemnly swear to never email you more than once a week!

But it will be a great way to see if I’ve added any events near you, or near your vacation, and to see each week what I’ve released or accomplished. It’s also a way for you to interact with Pip even if you don’t have social media! Just like this website.

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  1. Alana Long says:

    I love Pip! I have been following him for a while. Can you please make available plus sizes in your shirts/sweatshirts when they are available? Thank you!

    1. Yes of course! We will be asking everyone for the sizes they need for which design they want because we have so many people that are teeny tiny little children, and adults as well! SO just keep an eye out on Facebook!

  2. Mary Helen Rupp says:

    Love you Pip. Since my kitty passed away a year ago I have taken such joy in you being an ambassador for Ocean City.

  3. Cindy Butler says:

    I Love you Pip, thanks you so much for the get well card, very uplifting and your paw prints stole my heart!

  4. Janice Michael says:

    Thank you for inviting me!!

  5. Sandy says:

    Pip – your a special OC cat

  6. Cooper MacDonald says:

    Hi Pip, My mom and I love your weekly emails! We follow all your adventures and volunteer activities. We even watched you go to college! We can’t wait for our pawtographed copy of your new book! Keep up the good work Pipsy,


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