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Cat Beds

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It's summertime and you know what that means! Summer fruits like fresh watermelon. Your cats probably don't want to eat watermelon, but I bet they'll want to snuggle up in this bed!

20" Diameter

7" Height


Nothing says fun and funky like a flamingo! This super-soft bed dips down for comfort, and gives nice little sides for your cat to lean against.

20" x 16" whole bed

Inner oval that is showing measuring 12" x 8" (there is room to stretch under the pink, as the white inner oval is connected to the bottom of the bed)


This comfy cozy banana will brighten any room, and look more like a piece of your summer decor than a cat bed! Leave the peel down or pull it back and velcro it to stay open.

24" Long

8" Wide

8" Tall


This is the shallowest of our cat beds, making it the easiest for cats to get in and out of. The fruit pieces are soft and each tart comes with two blueberries, one strawberry, a kiwi and lemon slice. These fruit pieces are soft, removable, and could also be used as toys by some cats.

20" Diameter

4" Height


Who lives in a Pineapple down by the sea?! YOUR CAT! MY CAT! (Get it- it's like the Spongebob theme song!) Could your living room get any cuter?

20" Tall

8" x 8" opening

16" diameter.

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