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Here we highlight the various volunteer projects that Pip currently participates in, so you can see what the money you spend in Pip’s store goes to support! If you want to see all of our posts in one place, that are about Pip’s volunteering, go here!

The Little Pip Project!

Did you know that we donate a Little Pip for every one that is purchased? Check out all the Little Pips that have been given to someone in need. 

Two days a week, Pip visits the Berlin Nursing Home just outside of Ocean City. Some weeks he participates in one-on-one visits, sometimes he gives presentations where he gets to share his videos, and some weeks he helps with the already planned activities. Every visit is different and we love it! Learn more here.

When our very good friend that works at the St. Francis Neighborhood Center in Baltimore called us, and asked if we could bring Pip in for a visit, we knew we had to! We gave a really fun and interactive presentation on how to show kindness towards animals and got to know the students quite well. Pip interacted with them and we all had a great time. To learn more about this visit go here.


Every week Pip and I go to Harrison Senior Living in Snow Hill, MD. We have a handful of residents there that have requested we visit with them, so we go and do one on one visits weekly. We are also unofficially in charge of keeping the bird feeders full, so we check on those each week as well, and buy more seed when it is needed. This week we even got corn cobs to try to distract the squirrels from eating all the bird seed. To learn more about these weekly visits go here.

One of our favorite places to visit is Cedar Chapel Special School. This school is for all the children in our county that have disabilities. We love the students here and go any chance we can get. Our lessons usually revolve around a story and include playtime with Pip as well! Read more about that here.

While our weekly schedule is pretty full with our three days a week at our main nursing homes, we always make time to rotate in others that request visits as well. In this case we were able to go to John B. Parson’s Assisted Living in Salisbury, Maryland. To say we had a great time is a true understatement. Check it out here. 


We often get invited to events as a special guest to raise awareness for the fundraising efforts that are occurring. Did you know that Ocean City’s SantaCon is actually a huge fundraiser for Kenille’s Kupboard?! It also raises money for Coastal Bays. This is the animal shelter’s biggest fundraiser of the year, and we are so happy that there is heart-warming story behind this party! Learn more here. 


Pip loves to visit schools, especially ones that his Mommy actually attended and substitutes at sometimes! In this case he was off to Stephen Decatur Middle School to participate in the Water Walk for South Sudan! We learned so much about this fundraiser, and how it connects to the lessons the teachers are using in the classroom. To learn more go here.

This was a very special kindergarten class that sent an entire packet of letters to Pip asking him to come visit! So of course we had to! We answered lots of questions and had a great time interacting with everyone. To learn more about this adventure, visit this page. 

Screen Shot 2019-04-11 at 9.02.40 PM

If you haven’t heard, Pip is designing a stuffed animal in his likeness! It was actually the idea of The Cricket Center, one of the organizations Pip is donating a portion of his book profits to.  They have a therapy dog named Josiah, that they had made into stuffed animals. They recommended we use Hero Industries, and when we got in touch with them, they sent us an entire box of samples to check out, and then donate how we chose. So we took them all down to the Toys for Tots drive. See more here.


Did you know Pip has written a book?! We are using Pip’s first book as a fundraising tool for several local charities that mean something to us personally. “Pip’s Guide to Ocean City Volume 1” will be out in Mid-May 2019, and is the first of a series of children’s guidebooks. You can pre-order it now, which will guarantee you get a personalized copy!  And if you are wondering about who we are going to donate 15% of the profits to, learn more about them here. 

Story Time

Pip got to go visit some of his tiniest fans at the Ocean City Library for Storytime! They all got to watch some fun videos of Pip, and even got an exclusive sneak preview to Pip’s book that is coming out! Pip was too heavy for them to hold up themselves, so Mommy had to stand behind each of the little ones and help them hold him up! Learn more about this trip here!

Easter Visit

We were lucky enough that our whole family had off from work on Good Friday, so we turned it into a family affair at the nursing home! Pip delivered a small Easter present to all of our residents we work with, and helped with their Easter projects! You can learn more about this visit here

Paint NightWith the help of Little Dreamers Wellness Center in Berlin, MD we were able to organize our first ever Paint Night! Since we weren’t doing daily volunteering of our own yet, we chose to donate the money to the Worcester County Humane Society and Kenille’s Kupboard. Each organization received $200. 




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